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A Baby Blue Wedding at Wendell Coffee Event Center in Tyrone, Georgia

"I remember holding her as a new father," her dad began. His eyes sparkled as he thought back to those first moments of his daughter's, the bride's, life. "I promised I would protect her and take care of her. I told her one day she would have children of her own and would do the same for them. Now I'm handing her to the man who will continue to protect her and take care of her. And I couldn't be happier."

Couldn't be happier. We could've written that on a sign and had it be the theme of the day. If the flowers hadn't been beautiful (which they were), or the dress wasn't absolutely perfect (which is absolutely was), or anything would've gone wrong (which it didn't), it wouldn't have mattered because Katie and Matthew knew what really mattered. They knew their marriage was what made them the happiest they've ever been.

After meeting at EFY when they were 15 and a few Facebook messages sent years later, these two decided to have the rest of their stories written together. They joked about their long distance courtship and their appreciation for wifi and Facetime. But when I asked Matthew how he knew Katie was the one, he said, "At the end of our second date I was dropping her off and basically saying goodbye because I figured we wouldn’t go on more dates since she was leaving for Hawaii. I remember being surprised how upset I was in that moment. That’s when I realized just how much she already meant to me. Every other time we had to say goodbye, that feeling only got more intense. On the contrary, while being around her, I feel the complete opposite. I feel happy and peaceful and I feel like myself. That’s how I knew she was the one for me."

Katie and Matthew, there are times I attend a wedding and it just simply feels right. Yours was one of those. Maybe y'all were nervous, maybe you'd stressed about planning your big day but no one would've ever known that. You were calm, you were confident, and you radiated genuine love and happiness. I have no doubt your life will be full of blissful years yet to come.

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