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In-Home Newborn Twins Session

I've had this draft saved for weeks, not knowing how to describe the amazing mother that Brittany is. Nothing was feeling right. This post is different for me because this Mama is a personal friend. Our husbands have attended the BYU MBA program together and we have served together in the BYU MBA Spouse's Association leadership board. How do you write a few paragraphs about a person you've spent two years admiring? Which experience do you focus on to give her the accolades she deserves?

I was going to write about an exchange last summer when I commented on her being Super Woman and her responding with "We have our days." I was going to say how I thought about that saying over and over again and realized it's not about the days, it's about the patterns. Maybe their family does have their days. Maybe her kids aren't always well-behaved, maybe she's not always patient, and maybe they're not always conquering the world. It'd probably be unrealistic and unfair to assume she does. But the patterns in which she lives her life and parents her children are ones that are creating a beautiful life and legacy. I was going to right about the countless spouse's she's encouraged, the inspiring example she gives, and how she effortlessly reaches out to the outlier.

But none of it felt right. And then, last night, Brittany made a post on her instagram and I knew that was what I needed to write about. She spoke of writing a letter to her twin boys before they were born. She talked about mentioning her discomfort with being pregnant, how she missed running or simply being able to reach the bottom shelf in the fridge. But how worth it all she knew it would be. Then she said, "I look back on pictures of my uncomfortable self and it kind of seems like an unpleasant dream - the kind where you wake up and say, "I'm so glad that wasn't real!" But this time I'm glad it was real. Everyday I can say I'm glad it was real." She said there are hard things we all have to go through (hello, covid-19!) but that the hard things are SO WORTH IT. No matter how hard those times are, those moments will be over before we know it and we'll feel like they were some distant dream. And, hopefully, we'll have something simply amazing to show for our effort.

If you aren't friends with Brittany, run. You NEED her influence in your life.

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