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The Painted Dress Project

Human trafficking is a serious problem all around the world. Thousands are affected by it and yet it remains a silent plague. Isla Atropa, a talented designer, decided to raise awareness by creating The Painted Dress Project. Being a survivor herself, she had the passion to take on a world-wide project to start initiating change.

Three custom made dresses were designed and would be sent around the world to be photographed. One dress would tour the Eastern United States, one the west, and the third would go internationally. Each photographer was told not to clean, fix, or take care of the dress. The dresses were to represent the wear and tear people experience as they're handed from person to person and traded all around the world. The dresses traveled from state to state, country to country, some were ultimately lost.

When I received the dress, it was stuffed in a small envelope and had a few rips already. I was only the fifth or sixth person to have it. With Shellssey Razo's amazing make up skills we kept Cami's sweet tween look alive but gave her the edge needed to express a heavy topic. We went to the top of a mountain overlooking Utah Lake to give the feeling of space, loneliness, and desert. I am honored to represent Utah in this amazing project and grateful to the other artists and volunteers who donated time and effort for The Painted Dress Project.

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