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Snowy Sundance Family Session

We arrived at our first location. Water dripped from tree branches and footprints turned into puddles as the sun was warming the ground too much for our winter wonderland look. The only option was to go up. The Ciccotelli family piled back in their car and we drove up the mountain where we new it was still cold enough to keep the snow we'd been getting. It was the only way to get the snowy family pictures we wanted. We had to go up to Sundance.

I'd never seen so much snow! It was piled up taller than my suburban and I wondered how we'd climb over it to get to a clearing. I hoped people had snow shoed enough so we'd have places to stand without falling into the snow! I scurried over the snow drift (should I even call it a drift if it's like a skyscraper made out of snow??) and to my great relief, it was perfect!

The Ciccotelli family is amazing. So brave to face the cold, so willing to go with the flow, and so happy. They're a family that truly is built on love and anyone around them can feel it. Isa is a powerful Mama. She's smart, hard-working, and well-rounded. These two boys are lucky to have her.

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