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Born outside of Detroit, raised in the south, and now living in Utah has taught me that "when in Rome" is the best way to live! I feel right at home no matter how diverse the accents, cultures, and climates may be. 

I'm married to the man of my dreams and together we're taming three wild animals (aka boys). I spend most of my time talking about the intricacies of tow trucks, folding laundry more than once, and just trying to keep everyone alive!

When I'm not Momming, I'm building my business. Location scouting, swooning over your images, honing my craft, and planning new ways to love on my clients are my favorite things!


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Never Have I  Ever...

Been skiing.


I know! I live in Utah and have never been on the slopes! I'm just embarrassed at this point that all the small children will be better than me...

So how'd I get here? 

I had no idea postpartum depression would be part of my journey to motherhood. It became impossible for me to see or feel the good, the real, or the light. It affected my identity as a mother, my role as a wife, and even lead me to question who I was. I knew, deep down, I was missing something. There just had to be joy! I started making myself take pictures to prove my life was good. Those pictures captured laughter, light, and moments I would've otherwise missed. Photography started me on my road to healing because it showed me hope.


So now, I give others that gift of clarity so they never have to doubt if the life they're living is truly the one they've dreamed of. My photos focus on the goodness and joy of all our relationships, including the one with ourself. So on your darkest of days, you can be reminded of all the love and hope that exists in your here and now.


Diet Coke

Few things are quite so refreshing as a fountain Diet Coke with light ice. After 4:30? No problem. Make that a caffeine free Diet Coke with a shot of sugar free vanilla and you have the perfect late night sweet treat. 



Ok, I know this one may not be as popular but I LOVE dark chocolate! Those Lindor dark chocolate truffles? HEAVEN.



Y'all this is my greatest financial weakness. I love buying cute stickers, nice pens, and having a million 'Thank you' cards to choose from. I do use my phone but I LOVE writing things out and decorating my planner!

Soft Pants

I love the look of an amazing pair of jeans but the minute I get home, I'm sliding into my favorite pair of joggers or leggings. 


Maybe I should credit this to the Spice Girls but being around powerful, kind, fiery, and fun women is my favorite thing! From cheer squads to sorority girls, Mommy groups to girls' nights out; if there's a bunch of strong women hanging out, I'll be right there laughing and bonding with the best of them!


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